Teos Ancient City

Bouleuterion(Council House), Teos.

To Arrive Teos

Teos Ancient City is located in İzmir Province of Turkey. Teos Antique City is one of the twelve Ionian city states established on the coast of the aegean sea in western Anatolia. Sığacık is modern name of here.

The city is located in Sığacık neighbourhood of Seferihisar district of İzmir province. The town of Seferihisar is approximately 47 km away from İzmir city center and 1 hour away. Teos Antique City is approximately 63 km and 1 hour away from Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir. You can reach Seferihisar from İzmir by public transports (no: 985 ESHOT-Seferihisar&Üçkuyular Port) and private dolmushes. 

When you get to the center of Seferihisar district, you have to travel about 8 km to go to the ancient city of Teos. There are public transports (no:640 ESHOT-Sığacık&Seferihisar) and private dolmushes in Seferihisar town center for reach Teos. The entrance fee to the ancient city of Teos is 5 Turkish Liras. 

Buildings in Teos

Theater, Cistern, Acropolis, Temple of Dionysus(Ruins), Bouleuterion(Council House) and Southern Port of the ancient city are worth seeing. It is Council House that must be seen in them. From the city's acropolis you can see both the north and south ports of the city.


Its theater has a wonderful sea landscape. There is an island on scenery. It is located on a hill. The view of phosphorescence would be very nice here on the full moon. It's scene is well-preserved but seating part has lost most of pieces. Dionysus is god of wine and theatre, so there should had been losts of entartainments about Dionysus in this theatre.

Dionysus Temple

The Roman writer Vitruvius describes this temple built by architect Hermogenes. It is one of the largest Dionysus Temples in the world. The principal deity of Teos was Dionysus(god of fertility,wine, theatre - Bacchus in Rome) so this temple dedicated to Dionysus.

Persons of Teos

The Asiatic branch of the Artists of Dionysus(Poet, musician, theater and singers) performed here a particular period. Poet Anacreon, philosophers Epicurus and Nausiphanes(Epicurus was for three years a student in the Ionian city of Teos, where his teacher was Nausiphanes), Apellicon(a wealthy Greek book collector who rescued Aristotle's manuscripts), Antimachushistorian Hecataius were born or studied in Teos Ancient City.