Priene Ancient City

Temple of Athena, Priene Ancient City

Priene Ancient City is located in Söke District of Aydın Province of Turkey. The City is one of the twelve Ionian city states established on the coast of the aegean sea in western Anatolia. Güllübahçe is modern name of here. Priene is approximately 103 km and 1 hour-20 minutes away from Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir. Bias, one of the Seven Sages of antiquity, grew up here.

Despite being a sea-front city in the past, it is today a large plain viewing area as a result of the alluviums brought by the Meander river. According to Eflatun, the city is the city where the moonlight shines most beautifully. (Of course, when the view of the sea is not the view of the plain.)

Priene, one of the world's first known grid-planned (hippodamos) city. It is the most beautiful example of old city planning. The city was built with the grid system developed by the architect of Miletus hippodamos.The streets of the city, which is generally 3.5 meters wide, have stairs because of the slope of the grounds. All the streets cut each other upright.

Priene is a member of the Ion union of 12 cities.The place chosen for the Panionion (the community in which the 12 Ionian government decisions are taken) is located in the territory of Priene. This has given them political power. Since the Samos claim their rights on the coastal belt that this state has established, they have been in dispute with the Samos for centuries. 

The construction of today's city began with the meander river filling the settlement with alluvium. The construction of this new city came upon Alexander's arrival. He has paid the expenses of the Temple of Athena of Alexandria, and he has the right to dedicate himself. The architect of the Priene Athene Temple is Pythius, who designed the Halicarnassus Mozeles, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Multiple periods have been experienced in this city. It hosts the Byzantine Church, the Temple of Athena and a synagogue. The well preserved 5000-seat theater, water canals, fortification walls, agora, gymnasionu, 5-column standing athena temple, roman bath complex, parliament building, Alexander House and great Meander river delta view are worth seeing.